Mobility of ionic hydrates
Jun/18 paper in Nature about mobility of ionic hydrates studied by high-resolution AFM. »more info

O. Wichterle prize
Jun/18 O. Stetsovych received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info

Piezoelectricity of single molecules
Jan/18 paper in JACS demonstrating piezoelectric effect on single molecules »more info

Resolving water clusters with AFM
Jan/18 paper in Nature Comm. about a method allowing high-resolution AFM of weakly coupled clusters »more info

High-resolution SPM imaging
Sep/17 paper in PRL reporting AFM/STM/IETS imaging »more info

Electronegativity of atoms
May/17 paper in Nature Comm. »more info

Transfer of chirality
Feb/17 Paper published in Nature Chemistry including News&Views. »more info

Towards chemical recognition of molecules
Aug/16 Paper published in ACS Nano. »more info

Odehnal award
June/16 O. Stetsovych received Odehnal award »more info

Praemium Academiae
June/16 P. Jelinek received CAS award »more info

Imaging electrostatic field
May/16 paper in Nature Comm. »more info

O. Wichterle prize
May/16 P. Hapala received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info

On-surface chemical synthesis
Apr/16 paper in JACS »more info

Structural and Electronic Properties of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene
Mar/16 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett. »more info

Role of the electrostatic force in AFM images
Mar/16 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett »more info

Charge transport between two molecules
Sep/15 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett »more info

The best poster ECOSS-31
Sep/15 Our work has been selected as the best poster in the ECOSS-31 conference. »more info

Paper in ACS Nano
Aug/15 Novel way of B,N-co doping of graphene demonstrated. »more info

paper in PRL and Physics
Aug/15 Our work has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett highlighted as Synopsis in Physics. »more info

Paper in Nature Comm.
Jul/15 High-resolution AFM images reported at room temperature. »more info

Paper in Nano Letters
Jun/15 The current and the force used for controlled atomic switching of silicon tetramer. »more info

O. Wichterle prize
May/15 M. Ondracek received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info


3D map of df and current above PTCDA/Ag(111)
SiPt surface alloy
Si formation on Ag(111), 4x4 and other reconstructions
Atomic Space Invader game made of silver atoms on silver surface using atomic manipulation
Rows of 2x2 oxide on Cu(110), with unidentified strings growing perpendicular
Strings of molecules on Cu(110)
STM Cu(110) surface imaged @ 4K
df image at Cu(111) at 4K
(top) unoccupied and (bottom) occupied states of Si(111)-7x7 measured by (left) STM topography and (right) by constant height current mapping
Logo of the Institute of Physics made with 1200 atoms of silver
Composite image of Pb/Si(111) mosaic phase measured by a lock-in scanning tunneling spectroscopy; different colors correspond to different energy levels around the Fermi level
Atomic deer created with silver atoms
Nitrogen dopants on bilayer graphene; two types of resolution depending on the tip material
Movement of entire fullerene islands on graphene, induced by the scanning tip; islands A and C are pinned to surface defects, which makes them stable, B is free to slide on the surface
Migration of fullerenes along the edge of a fullerene island immobilized by a step edge (not imaged)
Pb/Si(111)-sqrt(7)xsqrt(3) striped reconstruction stabilized below 240K.
Pb/Si(111)-1x1 surface with patches of sqrt(3)xsqrt(3)
Moire superstructures of graphene grown on Pt(111) by dehydrogenation of impurity hydrocarbons
Pb/Si(111)-1x1 surface after deposition of Si atoms; long nanowires are formed
Graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) rippling at its edges surrounding a patch of bare SiC buffer layer in the middle
Patch of quasi-5x5 reconstruction of SiC in a terrace of quasi-6x6 reconstruction
Process of buffer layer growth on 6H-SiC(0001); quenched artifacts are present near to step edges
Fullerenes on graphene regularly arranged in a 4x4 superstructure
Fullerenes on SiC(0001), not perfectly ordered
Graphene nanobubbles in a sqrt(3)xsqrt(3) reconstruction of SiC(0001).
Bilayer epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001)
Pb/Si(111) surface at various coverages in the range from 0.8 to 1.3ML
a) quasi-6x6 and b) quasi-5x5 reconstructions of SiC(0001), c) and d) graphene growing on the quasi-6x6 buffer layer, at two different voltages
A blend of an STM image, STM simulation and a model (from left to right)
An illustration of a C60 island moving on graphene.