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O. Wichterle prize
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Odehnal award
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Praemium Academiae
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O. Wichterle prize
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The best poster ECOSS-31
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O. Wichterle prize
May/15 M. Ondracek received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info

Molecular recognition on semiconductor surfaces

By capability to spatially resolve the structure of matter at an atomic length scale, STM has played an important role in the development of nano-science. However, it has recently been demonstrated that it is possible to perform STM concurrently with nc-AFM. Here tip-surface conductance (STM) and force interaction (nc-AFM) are measured simultaneously. In this measurement, the same tip is used and exactly the same region of the surface is imaged. Consequently, many of the ambiguities, present when STM and nc-AFM images that are collected in any other way are compared, are naturally circumvented.

In this work, we demonstrate another exciting capability of a combined STM/nc-AFM. Not only can STM and nc-AFM images be acquired at the same time, but new modes of measurement are possible. As we show in the paper, the simultaneous STM/nc-AFM has important implications for the study of molecules and their chemistry on reactive surfaces, such as Si(111)–7x7. In particular, the force response allows adsorbates to be discriminated from common defects such as vacancies or atomic hydrogen even at room temperature. What more the simultaneously acquired STM channel allows the adsorbate’s registry with the surface to be established even when the tip is driven far from the surface (to avoid tip changes during scan). We show that this allows us to determine the attachment sites of small molecules in some cases when this task is impossible with either STM of nc-AFM alone.

It is our belief that the capabilities of the combined STM/nc-AFM have not yet been fully explored and the approach that we describe in this paper could be applied to many other complex systems.

Z. Majzik, B. Drevniok, W. Kaminski, M. Ondraacek, A. B. McLean and P. Jelínek
“Room Temperature Discrimination of Adsorbed Molecules and Attachment Sites on the Si(111)–7 × 7 Surface Using a qPlus Sensor” ACS Nano 7, 2686-2692 (2013)