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O. Wichterle prize
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Odehnal award
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Praemium Academiae
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Imaging electrostatic field
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O. Wichterle prize
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The best poster ECOSS-31
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O. Wichterle prize
May/15 M. Ondracek received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info

Understanding of interaction mechanism between fullerenes and graphene

We concentrated on the interactions between fullerenes and a single-layer epitaxial graphene grown on SiC(0001), which is a model system for studying van der Waals forces. In this system, we found that the cohesion among the fullerenes is more important than the binding to the surface, despite the presence of a superlattice corrugation. Islands of the molecules were found floating on the surface and pinned to surface defects or steps.

fullerenes on graphene

Fig.1: STM images of fullerenes deposited on a) graphene and b) buffer layer of SiC(0001) clean surface. The insets show details of the fullerene molecular orbitals and a fast fourier transform showing a 4x4 periodicity of the structure.

In particular, a system was studied consisting of fullerenes deposited on a partly graphitized surface of the SiC(0001). A significantly different interaction of the fullerenes with single-layer epitaxial graphene and the residual parental reconstruction has been compared by means of variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (Fig.1). On graphene the fullerenes arrange into planar islands at 40K with a 4x4 periodicity, held together exclusively by the van der Waals forces, which is manifested by collective movement of the islands upon manipulation with the scanning probe. This has been confirmed by extensive density functional calculations taking into account the van der Waals contribution. Furthermore, the most energetically favorable configuration evaluated by the theory corresponds to the experimentally observed internal orientation of the fulerene in the 4x4 reconstruction. The orientation of the molecule was determined by matching the experimental to simulated STM images considering a moving fullerene attached to the probe, that was the origin of a changing intramolecular contrast.

We received the Best Poster award in graphene and carbon nanotubes at ICN+T 2012 conference in Paris for work entitled "Fullerenes on Graphene held together by van der Waals interaction" presented by Dr M. Svec.

M. Švec, P. Merino, Y. J. Dappe, C. González, E. Abad, P. Jelínek, J. A. Martín-Gago, van der Waals interactions mediating the cohesion of fullerenes on graphene Phys. Rev. B 86 (2012) 121407(R) - 121412(R).