Paper in JACS
Apr/16 paper in JACS »more info

Paper in PRL
Mar/16 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett. »more info

Paper in PRL
Mar/16 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett »more info

Paper in PRL
Sep/15 Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett »more info

The best poster ECOSS-31
Sep/15 Our work has been selected as the best poster in the ECOSS-31 conference. »more info

Paper in ACS Nano
Aug/15 Novel way of B,N-co doping of graphene demonstrated. »more info

paper in PRL and Physics
Aug/15 Our work has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett highlighted as Synopsis in Physics. »more info

Paper in Nature Comm.
Jul/15 High-resolution AFM images reported at room temperature. »more info

Paper in Nano Letters
Jun/15 The current and the force used for controlled atomic switching of silicon tetramer. »more info

O. Wichterle prize
May/15 M. Ondracek received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR. »more info


Our group investigates fundamental phenomena of surface and nanostructure physics at the atomic length scale. We aim to gp beyond contemporary possibilities of control and modification of molecules, surfaces or nanostructures. Namely, we focus on understanding correlation between mechanical properties and charge transport in nanostructures at the atomic scale. To achieve these goals we combine different experimental and theoretical methods to achieve these goals:

(i) nanoprobe techniques (UHV LT & VT STM/AFM)

(ii) advanced theoretical analysis based on DFT and non-adiabatic molecular dynamics

(iii) advanced AFM/STM simulations

(iv) photoelectron spectroscopy (the source of synchrotron radiation "Elettra", Trieste, Italy)

(v) electron diffraction methods (LEED, SPA-LEED)


In meantime, we use low temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy to play the famous Space Invaders using single atoms....


Dr Pavel Jelinek (group leader)
Institute of Physics of the AS CR

Cukrovarnicka 10
Prague 6
CZ-162 00
Czech Republic


Tel.: +420 220 318 430
Fax: +420 233 343 184