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This scan is tipical STM scan, the output are the xyz files, where the z-value is the tunelling current over the specific xy position. The ICUTT value should be set as the 0 in the “options.inp” file. The XMIN, XMAX and YMIN, YMAX should be set properly. There is necessary to have XMIN, YMIN set at the initial point of scan, XMAX, YMAX could be zero, the STM code fill here the values of the end of unit cell automatically.


As an output we will obtain several files (“current_sample_deno.out”, “current_tip_deno.out” [where “deno” could be replaced by “nden”, depending on the setup of denominator /multiple scattering/]). The number of rows depends on the number of scans in each direction and on the number of written cells (the tip is scanning just the basic cell, but if you want to see wider area, you set the number of written neigbour cells in each direction, than the code write out even the copies of original scan shifted on the xy plane).

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