12/22 paper in Nature Chemistry about protection of GNRs


11/22 Paper in JACS about regioselective C-H cleavage induced by a single Au adatom


5/22 Paper in Science Adv.: resolving atomic structure of 2D hybrid perovskites 


4/22 Paper in PRL: single vacancies in black phosphorous


1/22 Paper in Angew. Chem: Cooperative on-surface catalysis of 1D chains.


12/21 Paper in Nature Nano: solitons in 1D chains


11/21 Paper in Science: Imaging anisotropic atomic charge


10/21 Paper in Adv. Mat.: Length driven topological phase transition in polymers


9/21 Paper in JACS: On-surface synthesis on nonalternant nonbenzenoid PAH


5/21 Paper in ACS Nano: Proton tunneling in molecular chains


1/21 Paper in Science Adv.: On-surface synthesis of artificial Kagome lattice


12/20 Paper in Nano Letters: Triangulene quantum ring


10/20 Paper in Adv. Fun. Matt.: On-surface synthesis of ferrocenylene polymers


9/20 Paper in Angew. Chemie: Synthesis of 1D coordination polymers


9/20 Paper in Nature Comm: Vibrations may steer reactions


7/20 Paper in Angew. Chemie: On-surface synthesis of diradical 1D polymers


7/20 Paper in ACS Nano: On-surface hydrogenation of Buckybowls


5/20 Paper in ACS Nano: Phase transition of carboxylic acid


4/20 Paper in Nature Nano: Quasi-metalic pi-conjugated polymers


3/20 Paper in Nature Com: Quantum dissipation in molecules


2/20 Paper in Angew. Chemie: Control conductance of single molecule


12/19 Angew. Chemie : Strain-induced isomerization reaction in 1D chains


7/19 Science Advances: Report on Triangulene Molecule


5/19 Cover page in Chemistry of Materials


5/19 Angew. Chemie : On-surface synthesis of Anthracene-based polymers


1/19 Angew. Chemie : On-surface transformation of azides


8/18 Nature Comm. : Iron based 1D molecular chains


7/18 Nature Comm. : Control of molecular spin state by non-covalent interaction


Mobility of ionic hydrates : paper in Nature about mobility of ionic hydrates studied by high-resolution AFM.


O. Wichterle prize : O. Stetsovych received O. Wichterle prize for outstanding young scientists at the AS CR.


Piezoelectricity of single molecules : paper in JACS demonstrating piezoelectric effect on single molecules


Resolving water clusters with AFM : paper in Nature Comm. about a method allowing high-resolution AFM of weakly coupled clusters


High-resolution SPM imaging : paper in PRL reporting AFM/STM/IETS imaging


Electronegativity of atoms


Transfer of chirality : Paper published in Nature Chemistry including News&Views.


Chemical Recognition of Molecules


Odehnal award : O. Stetsovych received Odehnal award


Praemium Academiae : P. Jelinek received CAS award


Imaging electrostatic field : May/16 paper in Nature Comm. & technology